Objective: Nanotechnology has effects on wide-ranged disciplines including textile, construction, medicine, pharmacy, automotive, electronics, ICT and communication, and this effect has been causing drastic change in the products and process in these areas. Nanotechnology is comprehended as one of the strongest transformational movements of 21st century. This report focuses on attempts realized on the development of nanotechnology in the world, as it envisions analyzing the impacts of these developments upon the world as well as upon Turkey, in particular from scientific and technological perspective. Besides, it is targeted to bring the current scientific, economic and human resources potential on to the table through face to face meetings with public and private institutions. Eventually, under the light of progress lived during the past 5 years, strategy and scenario examination is targeted to be completed for the coming 5 to 10 years at the report.

Scope: Nanotechnology covers wide range of disciplines and sectors. Therefore, the report aims to cover the process of nanotechnology’s development, and further special attention is paid on the current commercial applications. Information is going to be provided in regard to the expected applications of nanotechnology into current disciplines, most likely of which are going to happen in the coming 20 years. Subsequent to this assessment, the topics that Turkish economic system may cover is going to be the area of particular focal point. Issues to be covered are planned as follows: nano-materials, nano-bio technology, environment and energy, ICT and nanotechnology, legislative, ethical, social and political aspects of nanotechnology, progress of nanotechnology and last but not least, position of Turkey in these respect.

Project Team : Dr. Yusuf Z. Menceloglu from Sabanci University, and Mehmet B. Kirca from Sabanci Holding

Current Status: The project has been authorized to start in February 26, 2007, and report completion is projected to be finalized at the end of November 2007.