TUSIAD-Sabanci University Competitiveness Forum (REF) is a research center formed jointly by the Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD) and Sabanci University in March 2003.

Our mission is; to help improve the competitiveness of the Turkish private sector in international markets by conducting and supporting research on competitiveness, innovation and technology management, and benchmarking.

Our activities can be grouped in three categories;

  1. Research activities
  2. Dissemination of knowledge
  3. Collaboration

Research Activities:

Conducting, promoting and supporting research on competitiveness

Conducting, promoting and supporting benchmarking studies

Dissemination of Knowledge:

Publishing and promoting the results of our studies conducted both to share and to disseminate them at the national and the international level.

Organizing workshops, seminars and conferences to create and to share knowledge on competitiveness and related issues.

We plan for our web site to be a platform for gathering and disseminating information on competitiveness and related areas.


Cooperating with local and international organizations for joint projects on competitiveness.

Working with the nongovernmental organizations both to secure competitiveness issues a place on their agenda and to draw their attention to these issues.