International Trade Competitiveness Database

The goal of this application is to compare trade performance of world countries. For this, we use trade data from UN Comtrade classified according to Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) Rev. 3 beginning from 1990. Using these data the following competitiveness and trade performance indices are computed:

  1. Revealed Comparative Advantage Index
  2. Revealed Export Advantage Index
  3. Revealed Import Advantage Index
  4. Revealed Trade Advantage Index
  5. Revealed Competitiveness Index
  6. Lawrence Index
  7. Trade Specialization Index
  8. Share of Resource Based Exports
  9. Share of Low Technology Exports
  10. Share of Medium Technology Exports
  11. Share of High Technology Exports
  12. Diversification Index
  13. Average Ubiquity Index
  14. Export Sophistication Index

The user can compare one or more countries by one or more indices for a given year or period for a given commodity group from SITC 1D,2D or 3D. The user is able to compare one or more country with OECD, EU-27 and G-8 countries and their averages as well. The results are presented as both table and graphic.

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