Objective: To measure the innovation capabilities and the technology readiness of the European manufacturing industry; to monitor technical, organizational and managerial innovations of the European manufacturing industry; to share the findings of the study with the manufacturing sector; to assist in the diffusion process of the new technical, organizational and managerial concepts and developments within the manufacturing sector; to inform the firms participating in the study on their relative position within their sector; to make recommendations for the development of the manufacturing industry; to be able to present reliable information to the decision makers in politics and bureaucracy.

Scope: Innovations in European Manufacturing 2004 is an international project conducted through a consortium comprised by Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey (REF) and United Kingdom under the supervision of Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI).

Partners: REF, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation ResearchSabancı UniversityIstanbul Technical University and Gebze Institute of Technology.

Project Team: H. Bahadır Akın, Çağrı Bulut, Dilek Çetindamar, Gündüz Ulusoy and Hande Yeğenoğlu.

Current Status: Data collection has started in July 2004 and the interviews with 135 firms have been completed in January 2005. The interviews were conducted by researchers from Istanbul Technical University and Gebze Institute of Technology. In September 2005, the studies of the second round of the project have started with the Consortium.

The bulletins based on a benchmark study of member countries of the Consortium:

Bulletin 1: Techno-organisational innovation in the European manufacturing industry

Bulletin 2Offshoring of production - a European perspective