The Global Council on Competitiveness is a new global network of leaders from Competitiveness Councils around the world. The fundamental drivers of national competitiveness are being knitted together in networks that now underpin global economic growth. Innovation, sustainability and resilience-once the foundation for national competitiveness advantage-are now global platforms for prosperity. Acting globally is now a prerequisite to economic competitiveness nationally.

Over the years, the U.S. Council helped to form new councils on competitiveness and established strategic partnerships with a number of counterparts around the world based upon the core belief that competitiveness is best enabled through public-private partnerships. In creating the Global Council on Competitiveness, we seek to bring together existing national competitiveness organizations-and to stimulate the creation of new ones-to foster an ongoing annual dialogue on national competitiveness and global collaboration.
The U.S. Council, as the original and oldest Council (having celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2006), proposes to serve as the Executive Secretariat for the Global Council on Competitiveness and for a set of core founding partners to contribute resources-both financial and intellectual-to execute organizational responsibilities and policy development for the work of the new organization.

In addition to the goals of sharing best practices among councils and creating a new network of global leaders committed to their national prosperity and the prosperity of the world, we would propose that the Global Council on Competitiveness develop and present at an annual meeting-which should move around the world-a statement of shared principles for accelerating global competitiveness and prosperity.